Tips For Engaging Post Cards


For many people, postcards are a cute little item they pick up when on vacation or traveling.  Many people look at a post card as a way to share an experience and to give someone the feeling that they were thinking about them but really didn’t are enough to take them along on the trip.  I am joking of course, but a business that does postcard printing in Corona is a great opportunity to take your ideas, photos and message show others that you do care and are thinking of them.

Higher quality card stock

When it comes to printing post cards, you want to use a higher quality card stock.  The card stock that you use will say a lot about what you are trying to do and what your intent is.  For those sending off post cards as a way to drum up business, don’t use cheap cardstock, you want to use higher quality. 

Writing your message

postcard printing in Corona

When writing a handwritten message, you want to find uncoated card stock.  On one side of the card you will have a nice photo that shows you or your event and on the other you will have a plain paper or lighter card stock that you can write on.  This is much easier and professional.  You don’t want to write a message and have it rub off or smeared while being delivered.  If you are going to have a pre-written or printed message on the card that goes to everyone, then you can look at the laminated on both sides.

Avoid rounded corners

If you are going to be putting these in the mail, then you want to avoid rounded corners.  The rounded corners can act up in the sorting machines and your cards can become damaged.  You will also want to make sure that you have enough room for postage and other mailing markers to be printed on the back of the card.  If your cards can’t be delivered, then they won’t get your message out.