Why Flushing One Toilet and Overflow Another


One of the most unusual problems you may notice in your house is that when you are flushing one of your toilets, you are finding that another toilet in the house is overflowing. Now it may even have taken you some time to figure out that this was the reason why the toilet in that room was overflowing, but now you are aware that is the reason why this is happening. The question that you will now be thinking about is whether that is an issue that you will be able to resolve in a swift and prompt manner.

What you have to realize is that such an issue can sometimes happen when you are dealing with a toilet that is on the ground floor of your house. Even when you flush some other toilet in the house that toilet is the one that is going to overflow. The reason why this is happening has to do with the backflow of the plumbing system at your house. You are going to need to get someone who does handyman jobs in rockville md to come to your home so they can help you with this matter.

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You need a pro on this case as they are the ones who have the tools and machinery to help. The reason why this may be happening is because your plumbing pipes outside the house are being disturbed. Perhaps there is an issue such as a tree branch or some object that is getting in the way and causing a blockage. It may even have damaged some of the pipes and you may have to end up getting new ones installed. The good news is that such a project is not too hard and there is no doubt that a professional is going to be able to get this done easily and effectively.